I missed the January Time Control (TC -- time trial), so I really needed to put a stake in the ground for today's February Time Control. However, with the exception of the "Lotus Icebreaker":http://www.lotussports.com/upload/icepackage05.pdf and the "FCRCC Dueling Hearts Regatta":http://www.fcrcc.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=56&Itemid=2, I haven't done much paddling in the last 2 months. The "FCRCC":http://fcrcc.com Time Controls have started this year on a 5km loop course, attempting to minimize the effects of tide, waves, and wind. As the year progresses and people get back into paddling, the Time Controls will probably be 10km or 15km. I ran a much better race than I did for Dueling Hearts, I kept a fairly constant exertion, and had enough energy left for a little sprint at the end. I'm not really happy with my *time*, about 2 minutes slower (~32minutes) than my best 5km last year, but I didn't choke half way through, either.