After looking around the internet for a while, I've decided that I don't know much about RSS/ATOM. I'm sure there is a good summary, somewhere. Here is the current list of features I'd like to add.

* add dhandlers for supporting permanent links: ** /atom/$date/$title for XML::ATOM ** /rss/$date/$title for RSS * Left bar ** Only display root categories, parents of current category, and peers of current category. This is almost done in the fork for novus ordo, so I'll pilfer those changes back. * Right bar ** Calendar sorting on posts/day. ** Links extracted from the current content using HTML::Treebuilder * Better posting interface ** Spell checking. ** Support for updates. Without having issue SQL by hand. ** web updates? email updates? sms updates? * Allow comments in a sane manner. * Support talkbalk links. * Fix layout issues. * Dublin core RDF. * Creative Commons licenses. * FOAF. * Images in post entries. I'm not sure how exactly to do this. Allow attachments to posts? Or just cheat and drop the pictures somewhere else and use IMG tags?