I've bound a key on my workstation at work to rate up songs when they come over the Prime channel on radio.mudshark.org. After about 2 months of collecting data, here's what I got.

number of positive ratingsTrack
7Hall of the Mountain King -- Apocalyptica
6Lola -- Mollies Revenge
5The Funeral Portrait -- Opeth
5She's Moved On -- Porcupine Tree
4You Lot -- Orbital
4Vibrator -- Sister Machine Gun
4Tryst -- Machines of Loving Grace
4The Box, Part 2 -- Orbital
4ShutDOWN -- OSI
4Remember Tomorrow -- Opeth
4Rain Will Fall -- I Mother Earth
4Pull Me Under -- Dream Theater
4P.E.T.R.O.L. -- Orbital
4Not Quite Sonic -- I Mother Earth
4Mellotron Scratch -- Porcupine Tree
4Harvest -- Opeth
4For Absent Friends -- Opeth
4Closure -- Opeth
3Windowpane -- Opeth
3Verbal (feat. MC Decimal R) -- Amon Tobin
3Tunnel Vision -- Orbital
3True Grit -- The Crystal Method
3Transient -- Orbital
3Think Harder -- Sneaker Pimps
3The Leper Affinity -- Opeth
3Summertime in the Void -- I Mother Earth
3Star Guitar -- The Chemical Brothers
3Solar Temple -- Machines of Loving Grace
3Smooth Criminal -- Alien Ant Farm
3Sleep of No Dreaming -- Porcupine Tree
3Serpico -- Machines of Loving Grace
3Same Old Show -- Basement Jaxx
3Ready for Action -- The Crystal Method
3Plush -- Stone Temple Pilots
3Peruvian Skies -- Dream Theater
3No One -- I Mother Earth
3Mist Beyond Delhi -- The Hellecasters
3Lines in the Sand -- Dream Theater
3Lightnin' -- Vernon Reid
3Let Forever Be -- The Chemical Brothers
3Leave Home -- The Chemical Brothers
3Lazarus -- Porcupine Tree
3Knowledge of Self (feat. Guru) -- BT
3I is Us -- I Mother Earth
3I Want U -- Basement Jaxx
3I Wanna Be -- Mollies Revenge
3I Can't Help Myself -- Moloko
3Holy Shit -- Mindless Self Indulgence
3Here and There -- Econoline Crush
3Hell and Malfunction -- I Mother Earth
3Gonne Be Right -- Sister Machine Gun
3Golden I -- Mindless Self Indulgence
3Down -- Stone Temple Pilots
3Digging the Heroine -- Econoline Crush
3Dead & Bloated -- Stone Temple Pilots
3Choke -- I Mother Earth
3By the Pain I See in Others -- Opeth
3Busy Child -- The Crystal Method
3Bleak -- Opeth
3Bitches -- Mindless Self Indulgence
3Big Empty -- Stone Temple Pilots
3Back From Space -- Amon Tobin
3Atonement -- Opeth
3Adnan's -- Orbital
3A Fair Judgement -- Opeth
2You Want It Back (feat. Jungle Brothers) -- Propellerheads
2You Say He's Just a Psychic Friend -- Vernon Reid
2You Don't Know What It's Like -- Econoline Crush
2Wreath -- Opeth
2Wires & Snakes -- Amon Tobin
2Winning Style -- Propellerheads
2Why Not -- Sister Machine Gun
2We Only Say Goodbye -- Fates Warning
2Vinnie -- Screaming Headless Torsos
2Velvet Pants -- Propellerheads
2Twofold Godhead -- Machines of Loving Grace
2Trash -- Econoline Crush
2Tip -- Finger Eleven
2Ticks & Leeches -- Tool
2This Strange Effect -- Hooverphonic
2Think -- Sister Machine Gun
2The Universe in You -- I Mother Earth
2The Unforgiven -- Apocalyptica
2The Test -- The Chemical Brothers
2The Soft Collision -- Machines of Loving Grace
2The Private Psychadelic Reel -- The Chemical Brothers
2The Hearts Filthy Lesson -- David Bowie
2The Grudge -- Tool
2The Glass Prison -- Dream Theater
2The Girl With the Sun in Her Head -- Orbital
2The Drapery Falls -- Opeth
2Surefire (Never Enough) Farenheit 451 Remix -- Econoline Crush
2Struggle -- Apocalyptica
2Standby (Looks Like Rain) -- OSI
2Speed Freak -- Orbital
2Sour Girl -- Stone Temple Pilots
2Songburst & Delirium -- I Mother Earth
2Sober -- Tool
2Short Skirt/Long Jacket -- Cake
2Serpentribe Diatribe -- Painting Daisies
2Revolution Calling -- Queensrÿche
2Refuse/Resist -- Apocalyptica
2Realizer -- The Crystal Method
2Properties Of Propaganda (Fuk This Shit On Up) -- Fishbone
2Production -- I Mother Earth
2Pretty Pink Ribbon -- Cake
2Planet of the Apes -- Mindless Self Indulgence
2Passenger -- I Mother Earth
2Pants -- Orbital
2Pablo Jack Horner -- Jazzberry Ram
2PHD -- The Crystal Method
2Out There Somewhere?, Part 2 -- Orbital
2Open Car -- Porcupine Tree
2One -- Apocalyptica
2My Sharona -- The Knack
2Movies -- Alien Ant Farm
2Moonlapse Vertigo -- Opeth
2Meat Dreams -- I Mother Earth
2Master's Apprentices -- Opeth
2Make Yourself -- Incubus
2Madrigal -- Opeth
2Long Line of Cars -- Cake
2Living Room -- Basement Jaxx
2Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman) -- Led Zeppelin
2Kiss Destroyer -- Machines of Loving Grace
2Kick the Bucket -- Mindless Self Indulgence
2Kick in the Ass -- Moxy Früvous
2Keepin' Up With the Kids -- Mindless Self Indulgence
2Jump n' Shout -- Basement Jaxx
2Juicy -- I Mother Earth
2It Doesn't Matter Anymore -- Danny Gatton
2Hit the Black -- Queensrÿche
2Hey Boy Hey Girl -- The Chemical Brothers
2Head -- OSI
2Harry-As-A-Boy -- Frank Zappa
2Harmageddon -- Apocalyptica
2Girl in the Pink Canoe -- Big Rude Jake
2Gibberish -- Spock's Beard
2Four Ton Mantis -- Amon Tobin
2Faith in the Free -- Screaming Headless Torsos
2Faggot -- Mindless Self Indulgence
2Dislocated Day -- Porcupine Tree
2Dicks Are for My Friends -- Mindless Self Indulgence
2Cut Down -- Sister Machine Gun
2Creep -- Stone Temple Pilots
2Credence -- Opeth
2Crash Into Me -- Dave Matthews Band
2Butterfly Wings -- Machines of Loving Grace
2Born Too Slow -- The Crystal Method
2Boomin' -- Mindless Self Indulgence
2Blueeyed Devil -- Soul Coughing
2Beneath the Mire -- Opeth
2Bath Time -- Orbital
2Axelle the Dolphin -- Mollies Revenge
2Autoloader -- Sister Machine Gun
2And the Experience -- I Mother Earth
2Absent Minded Friends -- Moloko