Tonight I decided to go for a jog.

Lacking knowledge of any good local running paths, I elected to run over to the Google head office.

By road, Google Maps told me it would be about 5 miles, so a round trip of 10 miles would be a good LSD (Long Slow Distance) jog. It took me about 110 minutes to jog there and back. My jogging pace is about 7min/km, so it was probably right on 10 miles.

The Campus is huge, and getting bigger. The parking lot was 1/2 full at 1930h. They had shuttle buses operating (I'm not sure where to).

Google is amazing for a lot of things. Right now what amazes me is their human resources department. Growing a company is very, very difficult, and they seem to be keeping on track.

Upon reflection, I'm really happy for Google (and disappointed that I didn't buy stock). A future led by Google and Apple is a much better prospect than a future led by Microsoft.