On September 24, 2005, we wandered up to Whistler to go ziptrekking for Annie's Birthday.

We picked up Spencer at Park Royal in West Vancouver, and zipped up to Whistler and ... waited. Apparently the 10:30 really means 11:00. I'm sure Kai would have an appropriate rant about Canadians and punctuality.

While wandering about waiting for the others of our party to arrive, I couldn't help but notice how busy Whistler was. Without snow. Maybe there is something to this mountain biking. We'll have to give the Big Squishies a spin sometime.

Upon the arrival of the rest of our party (apparently everyone else know that 10:30 really means 11:00), we got all kitted up in climbing harness and started suspending ourselves from cables representing a large loss in gravitation potential enegey.

A large bus took us through the construction zone for the 2010 bobsled track into some rare old growth temperate forest. The only reason that it still exists is that it was too difficult to log the first time the area was clearcut.

Zipping a 400m line 50m over a stony stream isn't that much different than zipping around on a playground. Except for going a lot faster, and a much better view.

5 zips took us up and around a well designed and well maintained set of tree platforms. A good time was had by all.

Now only if I'd stayed for dinner, but instead I ran off to see Salman Rushdie..