On Sunday, August 21st, 2005, team "Third Geer" participated in the 6th annual Jericho Oceanman. "Third Geer" was a mixed relay team consisting of Kai (for swimming), me (for paddling) and Tam (for running).

swimmer with air mattress

The Oceanman tries to be more of an adventure race than a triathlon. In otherwords it is a fun race instead of a competetive race. This year, to keep things fun, the swimmers got to swim an air mattress around a special course, the paddlers got to paddle a (keel-less) dingy around a little course, and the runners got to do some orienteering. Orienteering involving croquet, that is.

jack in surfski

All in all, it was a good race. Kai had a relaxing 1km swim, and came out 30th over all. Despite Tam's apprehensions, she did quite well on the run (21st over all). I thought I was the team anchor, but I surprised myself and was 20th overall on the paddle.

It was a very laid back, fun race. The salmon BBQ afterwards was great, I couldn't imagine what I'd rather be doing on an afternoon like that. I think we'll be entering 2 relay teams next year.