About a month ago, I was walking past scratch records on Burrard, and I saw a poster for a BT show. This interested me greatly, so I started digging around the internet to more information. Nothing on ticketmaster. Nothing on BT's website.

How could a show happen without ticketmaster knowing about it? The poster must have been a figment of my imagination.

So, I forgot about it. At least until I saw another poster. And saw that tickets were on sale through clubzone.com. Even so, it took me a few moments to realize that it was possible to buy tickets online through something other than ticketmaster. I've been quite thoroughly brainwashed.

The show was at Plush, and doors were at 2200h. The show ran till 0300h. That hurt, come Saturday morning. Plush is in the Plaza of Nations, in the same pit that killed the 2 or 3 other clubs that I remember being there. I think they try to compensate for the bad location by charging ridiculous prices for their drinks ($5 for a bottle of water).

BT was awesome. My only regret is not taking ear plugs.