The Lotus Iron was on Saturday. This year the course was about 5km longer than last year. It really didn't need to be. Indian Arm is a nice place, but it's a wee bit on the boring side for water (flat).

I was paddling with Frank, Steve, Jay, Norm, and Bruce. Norm was originally slotted to steer, but Bruce was feeling ill, so they swapped.

It was a good race. We passed one boat about half way, and almost caught up to one of the mixed boats at the end. After almost 2 hours of hard paddling, we couldn't pull together a rally for a sprint to the finish.

My hydration system really fell apart, which was rather annoying. I probably missed a couple dozen strokes over the course of the race playing around with it.

The top FCRCC crew finally managed to cleanly beat the top Jericho boat. There was still some doubt after getting disqualified in the Victoria race. Congrats! That's quite an accomplishment.

The results aren't online yet, I'll update this post when they come..